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We know our pace.
How about you?

Connecting village cricketers by making bowling speeds a focal point for conversation, camaraderie and friendly competition.

Data Capture

We’ll come to you to record you and your teams bowling speeds, as part of a sociable ‘know your pace’ session. Fast ball, stock ball or slower ball – we want to clock them all!

Online Records

Track and analyse your bowling speed stats online and compare these with other bowlers at your club, other clubs and village cricket bowler from around the UK!

The Community

We’re nothing without our friends. Every ball will become a talking point once videos and stats are shared with the Trundlers Community

Why Trundlers Club?

We’ve been organising friendly cricket that fits into busy people’s lives for years. And whilst league cricket isn’t a good fit for us, we think cricket is at its best when it’s sociable, fun and the competition is friendly. The Trundlers Club uses bowling speeds to satisfy curiosity, spark conversations and introduce some friendly competition.

Test & Learn

We’re in the early stages of our journey to finding out how practical Trundlers Club can become, and we’d love for you to join us and collaborate to make it as useful and fun for you as it is for us. As this develops, we’ll all be able to know our own pace and how this compares to any other bowler, our team mates, opponents and anyone else on our growing database. We have some fun with every speed reading, but things get much more interesting as we add more people.

Want to know more?